Principal Investigator

Dr Sharon Morein

To find out more about Sharon's published research please see our Publications page.

Sharon Morein (aka Sharon Morein-Zamir) started her academic studies in Ben-Gurion University in Israel before moving to Vancouver, Canada to complete her PhD in Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Having travelled across the world to continue working on attention and multisensory perception, she got side-tracked looking at how people control their actions. This eventually resulted in her dissertation focusing on response inhibition and stopping.

Following this, Sharon moved to Cambridge where she held research associate positions in the University of Cambridge in the Department of Psychiatry and in the Department of Psychology. Presently, she is an Associate Professor based at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge where she is also the co-director of the ARU Centre for Mind and Behaviour. Her research has focused on the different mechanisms underlying behaviour, psychology and neurocognition in a variety of mental health and neurological conditions, including OCD, ADHD and stimulant drug dependence.

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Cambridge Neuroscience

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Current Members and Close Collaborators

Just like our research, the lab is quite diverse with numerous students, collaborators and others involved.

Follow the links to find out a bit more about different people.

Shahar Sapir

Shachar Sapir is an MSc graduate of Anglia Ruskin and as an RA she is looking at Digital Compulsions

Hannah Belcher

Dr Hannah Belcher is an expert on autism. Working together with Dr Ruth Ford, we continue to investigate gender differences in autistic individuals amongst other things. More


Dr Gideon Anholt

Dr Gideon Anholt is a clinician and Senior Lecturer at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. More

Shair Berg

Shaira Berg is a PhD student investigating Pavlovian Instrumental Transfer at the University of Cambridge with Dr Amy Milton

Previous Members

Renato Boemer

Renato Boemer has graduated in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. He also writes about Data Science on Medium. More

Estherina Trachtenberg

Estherina Trachtenberg is now a PhD student in Tel Aviv University. More

Vicki Slater

Vicki Slater has a MSc in Clinical Psychology and is undertaking a systematic review on barriers and enablers to responsive feeding in the prevention of childhood obesity. More

Michael Kasese

Michael Kasese is an Adult ADHD Specialist Practitioner and is currently the team manager of the CLASS and ADHD Clinics.

Peter Zhukovsky

Dr Peter Zhukovsky graduated from Cambridge University, and after a post doctoral position in Toronto is currently based in Boston. More

Irena Rybakova

Irena Rybakova is BSc student at Anglia Ruskin and as an RA she examined online behaviour and technology preferences in relation to personality traits